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For Immediate Release  

August 29, 2023

MSD Board of Directors adopt the 2023 - 2024 Operating Budget

Msvl. WA - The Marysville School District Board of Directors took action in accordance with Resolution No. 2023-12 for the purpose of adopting the 2023 - 2023 Operating Budget for the District at a special meeting on August 28, 2023. Dr. Lisa Gonzales, Executive Director of Finance and Operations, presented the proposed budget and responded to questions from the school board. Next, board president Paul Galovin suspended the special meeting for the purpose of holding a public hearing on the budget, followed by action of the board. State law requires the Board of Directors of every school district in the state to meet for the purpose of fixing (setting) and adopting the budget for the ensuing school year on or before August 31.

The total appropriations (expenditures) in the budget is $206,543,768. Due to the loss of revenue areas previously outlined, including the failure of two levy measure attempts in February and April of 2022, the district’s calculated revenues exceed the expenditures, creating a $17,500,637 deficit. Since the budget is in deficit, the District was required to enter into binding financial conditions with the state. The binding conditions require a level of reporting and oversight for the next three school years as outlined in the approval to budget future receivables letter from OSPI earlier in August. The letter outlining the conditions is linked HERE.  

The District has provided many opportunities for community members and staff to learn more about the budget and the budget process through public board meetings, emails, press releases, one-on-one meetings, discussions with represented groups, and a dedicated webpage for the budget. The District will continue to work diligently and be transparent in the budget process, including the development of a District Budget Committee.

Marysville’s schools will be ready for children to return to school on August 31. The effects of the current financial crisis should feel seamless to children as they meet and greet their teachers and classroom support staff. There will still be supervision of students, buses to take them to and from school, nutritious meals, cleaning and maintenance, and caring adults to attend to their needs. 

The District recognizes that these challenging fiscal times may impact our staff, especially when they are hearing from others or simply trying to figure out school funding on their own. We want all employees to understand the seriousness of the district’s financial health and to understand the budget. Staff are encouraged to get the facts by asking questions and participating in opportunities to learn more. 

All Marysville School District employees, families, and community members are encouraged to stay informed about the district’s finances by attending school board meetings, visiting the budget webpage at, and signing up to participate on the District’s Budget Committee (click HERE or go to to express interest by Friday, September 1st, 2023 at 5 pm). 

Teachers and support staff have been preparing for the start of school, and the District and its schools are very excited to welcome students back to school.