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As part of the Marysville School District’s ongoing efforts to improve safety and security in our schools, we have installed “video doorbells” at our school entrances. Also called a buzzer system, a video doorbell is a connected camera at the school office entrance that notifies school officials when someone requests entry into the building.

The new entry system will change how parents, guardians, guests, and visitors access the school during regular school hours when children are present. In addition to the continuation of all exterior doors being locked, the school's front door will also be locked, and those requesting entry will be checking in using the new system. 

During the times before and after school when many students enter and exit the building under adult staff supervision, the front door access will be open but locked when school is in session.

The video doorbell systems installed at schools across the district are funded from a past voter-approved capital levy. 

If you have any questions about the safety and security of our schools or the video doorbell systems, please contact Greg Dennis, Director of Safety and Security, at or call (360) 965-0076.

NOTE: MGHS and MPHS are still in process. This information does not apply to MG and MP at this time.