Volunteering in the Marysville School District

Interested in becoming a volunteer in the Marysville School District? We have many volunteer opportunities available across the District. Follow the steps below to become a volunteer!

Step 1: Review

Before completing the Volunteer Application, please review the Volunteer Handbook:

If you need to translate the Volunteer Handbook, please select TRANSLATE and your preferred language on the top right of the screen.

Step 2: Complete the Application

If you need to translate the Volunteer Application, please select TRANSLATE and your preferred language on the top right of the screen before beginning the form.

The application requires a copy of a current State-issued driver’s license or photo ID card – applicants should be prepared to upload an image of the card.

Upon completion of this application, we will begin a background check request with the Washington State Patrol.

If you are under 18, please complete the Student Volunteer Application.

Step 3: Application Approval

The processing of your application may take up to one week or more. You will be contacted if there are any questions about your application. You will be notified via email when your application is approved.

Step 4: Contact the School

Contact the school office and inform them of your application approval. They will verify the approval status and connect you to volunteer opportunities at the school.

Step 5: Volunteer!

  • Tour the school. Meet with the teacher/staff member with whom you will be volunteering. Visit the area of the school in which you will be volunteering.

  • Review responsibilities and expectations with teacher/staff members. Confirm the date, time, and location of volunteer sessions.

  • Sign in and out at the school’s front desk in the volunteer hours log for every volunteer session. While onsite, wear a visitor identification badge.

Volunteer Drivers (21 years+)

Additional steps must be completed if you are requested to be a Volunteer Driver for a school activity or field trip. 

STEP 1: Complete the Volunteer Application* and upload the Abstract Driving Record
Ensure you have checked YES on the Volunteer Application for interest in volunteer driving and uploaded a copy of your Abstract Driving Record (ADR) in the application.

An ADR is available for purchase through the Washington State Department of Licensing. For more information about obtaining an ADR, click HERE. The ADR on file expires one year from the submission date and must be resubmitted to the school district. 

**If you have already completed a Volunteer Application and wish to be a Driver, please resubmit the application and upload the ADR where indicated.

STEP 2: Complete and Return the Volunteer Driver Checklist (for each trip/activity)
For each trip/activity, the Volunteer Driver must complete and return the Volunteer Driver Checklist to the building principal or trip coordinator.

Then, the building principal or trip coordinator will return the completed checklist to the Risk Management department for review and driver approval/denial. You will be contacted via email on the status of your application to be a Volunteer Driver.