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Executive Director of Equity and Family Engagement

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Michele Cooper
ML District Specialist

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ML Presentation


The Multilingual Learner (ML) program is funded by federal, state, and local funds. The program provides structured language acquisition instruction to students whose native language is not English and qualified Native American students. Students are assessed on the WIDA ACCESS Assessment, which measures speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills. Students whose scores indicate they are in need of assistance receive support.

ML services are available at all elementary schools, all middle schools, and all high schools.

For information about the specific support provided to students at different grade levels, and for information and resources for parents, please see the links at the left.


A Home Language Survey is completed during enrollment.

  1. If there is an indication of a language other than English spoken by the student and/ or family, the student information is shared with the school's ML Designee for review.

  2. If a language other than English is spoken in the home, but not by the student the school's ML Designee may contact the family to confirm the student's language.

  3. If the form indicates that the student speaks a language other than English in the home and/ or if the child first learned a language other than English, the ML designee initiates the process for determination of the student's English language proficiency level by administering the WIDA Screener.

OSPI has established eligibility criteria for English language development services. A workgroup was established to develop recommended criteria for each grade level. The recommendations of the workgroup, along with statements of concern or support from stakeholders, were included in the decision-making.