Welcome to the Highly Capable Student Services Program!

Vision Statement:
Highly Capable students will develop their intellectual and creative talents while engaging in authentic tasks, investigating meaningful topics, and inspiring positive change.

Mission Statement:
To find and nurture talent in students by providing and supporting opportunities for them to pursue their interests and learn content at an appropriate pace and level of complexity while working with students of similar abilities. 

About Highly Capable Student Services:
Our program offers a variety of enriching experiences, such as:

  • Advanced coursework: Deeper dives into subjects with accelerated content and project-based learning.

  • Enrichment activities: Exploration of diverse topics beyond the regular curriculum.

  • Differentiation: Tailored instruction to meet individual needs and learning styles.

  • Collaboration: Opportunities to work with highly capable peers at similar academic levels.


Brandon Moeller
Director, Categorical Programs
(360) 965-0053

Michele Cooper
Categorical Programs Support
(360) 965-0050