Star Graduates

Class of 2024

Learn about some of our “Star Graduates” who stood out for academic excellence or for overcoming the odds.

Abraham Castaneda-Lynsenko

Marysville Getchell High School

Abraham's high school journey at Marysville Getchell was nothing short of remarkable. Throughout his four years, he excelled in varsity football, wrestling, and track, leaving a lasting impact on the school's sports history. In his senior year, he played a pivotal role in the varsity football team's record-breaking season and made a mark at the State wrestling meet.

Beyond his athletic achievements, Abraham's infectious positivity and kindness have made him a beloved figure on campus. Despite facing personal challenges, he has maintained an impressive 3.8 GPA, inspiring his peers with his resilience and determination.

Raised by his single mother, Abraham found support and guidance from his three older brothers, who served as father figures in his life. When his family encountered hardships and had to relocate during his sophomore year, Abraham showed incredible strength by continuing his education at Marysville Getchell while living with one of his brothers.

The culmination of his hard work and dedication has led to an amazing opportunity: Abraham has earned a full-ride scholarship to Whitworth University, where he plans to pursue his passion for Kinesiology. The future is bright for this exceptional young man!

Dayanna Ramirez

Marysville Pilchuck High School

Dayanna is an exceptional student with a thirst for knowledge and a passion for helping others. Despite the challenges of joining Everett Community College through Running Start mid-year, she rose to the occasion and managed to boost her GPA! 

Dayanna selflessly supports her family by assisting with their businesses and serving as a translator and cultural guide when she's not excelling in her studies. Her ultimate goal is to give back to her parents for all the support they have provided. 

Dayanna's dedication has paid off: She has been accepted to the University of Washington in Seattle, where she will study Neuroscience and Informatics. This achievement is particularly special because she is a first-generation college student!

Devin Zackuse

Marysville Getchell High School

Devin, a proud Tulalip Tribal member, has conquered incredible challenges to emerge as a shining example for others with similar backgrounds. Despite moving around a lot and facing obstacles, he has persevered and excelled. Devin's journey has been nothing short of inspiring, from struggling with attendance to turning his life around through sheer determination and the support of caring adults.

His hard work and dedication have paid off, as he has been accepted to Universal Technical Institute (UTI) in Arizona, where he hopes to pursue his passion for mechanics after graduation. Devin's involvement in various school activities, volunteer work, and impactful presentations during distance learning truly showcase his growth and maturity over the past four years.

We couldn't be prouder of Devin and all that he has accomplished!

Donte Luong

Tulalip Heritage High School

Donte's transformation is truly remarkable. Once an unmotivated student, he discovered his passion for flying thanks to Big Picture Learning at Tulalip Heritage. With newfound determination, Donte has found a mentor, started working at a hangar, and enrolled in aviation classes. 

Donte has recovered his high school credits and is now on track to pursue his dream of becoming a pilot. Donte is set to join the Big Bend Community College Aviation Program and even plans to join their wrestling team. His journey is truly inspiring!

Gianna Frank

In her time at Marysville Pilchuck, Gianna has made some remarkable achievements. This school year, she was selected through a rigorous application process to serve as a Delegate in the prestigious United States Senate Youth Program (USSYP). In May, nominated by the school district, Gianna was recognized by the Washington Association of School Administrators (WASA) at a special recognition event for her outstanding leadership, and academic achievements, receiving the Student Leadership Award. Outside of the classroom, Gianna is also an incredible athlete—she recently placed third in the State in the WIAA 3A Girls’ Shot Put and competed in the 3A Girls’ Discus Throw.  

After graduation, Gianna will attend the University of California San Bernadino to study medical biology, focusing on genetic modification.  

Kamaya Craig

Tulalip Heritage High School

Kamaya's transition to Tulalip Heritage this year has been extraordinary. She sought a school that would recognize her strengths, cherish her culture, and support her aspirations. She found the perfect match with Tulalip Heritage.

Kamaya is a remarkable individual, deeply rooted in her culture, excelling academically, and a delight to converse with. Taking a bold leap, she switched high schools during her senior year and fully embraced the Big Picture Learning opportunities at Heritage. Kamaya instantly delved into internships aligned with her passion for teaching in higher education and honoring her culture.

With numerous college options available, Kamaya has decided to embark on her next academic journey at Evergreen State College, where she can further her studies in a manner that celebrates her Indigenous cultural values. Without a doubt, Kamaya is destined for an incredibly bright future!

Katrina Schultz

Marysville Getchell High School

Katrina's life has been an incredible journey filled with challenges and triumphs. Despite facing numerous obstacles, she never backed down and always strived to overcome them. Living with her grandfather in Marysville, she attended Marysville Getchell for four years, where she set ambitious goals and surpassed them with flying colors. 

As a National Honor Society member and the Unarmed Drill Team Commander, she led her team to an impressive 6th place in the Regional Competition. Her dedication and leadership also earned her the role of Executive Officer in her NJROTC unit. But that's not all - Katrina has enlisted in the United States Navy and is set to become a builder with the Seabees after completing boot camp and training. Thanks to her exceptional involvement in NJROTC, she will enter the Navy as an E-3 Apprentice, ready to embark on an exciting new chapter in her life.

Martin LaGrange

Legacy High School

Martin, an exceptional and imaginative student, has been at Legacy since his freshman year. Recently, he was awarded the Marysville Rotary Education Foundation scholarship and has achieved the top rank in his class. His growth over the past four years has been truly inspiring.

When Martin first started at Legacy, he was quite introverted and shy, but now he's blossomed into a confident and accomplished student, showcasing exceptional academic abilities, remarkable adaptability, and one-of-a-kind creativity.

Following his graduation, Martin is determined to pursue a career in video game development. Exciting times lie ahead for this talented individual!

Xavion Myles-Gillford

Tulalip Heritage High School

Xavion, a student with a remarkable journey, has shown incredible resilience and determination. After facing challenges at Archbishop Murphy, he returned to Tulalip Heritage and seized every opportunity to get back on track. 

His passion for helping others and active involvement in the community make him an exceptional role model for young people. With his infectious humor and positive outlook on life, Xavion uplifts everyone around him. 

Now, he's set his sights on college, where he plans to pursue a degree in psychology. Xavion is truly a shining star!

Claire Michal

Marysville Getchell High School

Claire was born and raised in Washington and grew up in Marysville. She attended Marshall Elementary, 10th Street Middle School, and Marysville Getchell High School.

In high school, Claire's achievements were outstanding. As a Delegate for the United States Senate Youth Program (USSYP), she made her mark in Washington, D.C. Not only that, but she also held leadership roles as the President (Senior year) and Vice President (Junior year) of the Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) Business and Marketing Club. Claire even founded the Future Voters Club at Marysville Getchell and played Varsity Basketball. 

Now, Claire is all set to embark on an exciting journey at Harvard University, where she'll study Government. She's immensely grateful for the unwavering support and encouragement she's received along the way.

Dean Soss

Marysville Pilchuck High School

Dean's journey at Marysville Pilchuck has been nothing short of extraordinary! Over the past four years, he has shown outstanding dedication to the NJROTC Program, rising to the rank of Chief Petty Officer.

In addition to maintaining an impressive 3.7 GPA, Dean has demonstrated exceptional leadership skills in and out of the classroom. He has provided guidance to incoming freshmen during 9th-grade orientation and leads a platoon in NJROTC, setting a remarkable standard for student leadership on our campus.

Dean's commitment has resulted in earning 20 ribbons through NJROTC and being an honor cadet for all four years.

As if that's not impressive enough, Dean has been accepted to the University of Idaho and will pursue a degree in criminology with the support of a ROTC scholarship valued at over $200,000! Following his college journey, Dean plans to embark on an exciting career path by joining the U.S. Army as a First Lieutenant. The future looks incredibly bright for this exceptional individual!

Devyn Goers

Legacy High School

Devyn, a 5th-year senior at Legacy, completed the remainder of their credits in the first semester of this year. Their academic, social, and emotional growth as a Legacy student has been astounding!

Devyn joined Legacy in their sophomore year and initially struggled to find their place. But over the past three years, they have blossomed into a bright, creative, and friendly student, unrecognizable from the person who first arrived.

Despite overcoming challenges with work completion, Devyn's determination and hard work have been truly inspiring. With their incredible creativity, it wouldn't be surprising to see them open their own store or business to showcase their talents as a gifted artist.

Edgar Mendez Encarnacion

Marysville Pilchuck High School

Edgar's journey is truly inspiring! Despite facing numerous challenges, he is on track to graduate this year with his peers. After struggling with his grades and falling in with the wrong crowd in Everett, Edgar transferred to Marysville Pilchuck. 

Although Edgar initially struggled at MPHS, everything changed when he discovered the Regional Apprenticeship Pathways (RAP) program during his junior year. This incredible opportunity motivated him to improve his academic performance and work towards his high school diploma. He's set to graduate and pursue an apprenticeship with the Cement and Mason Union - Local 528. Edgar's determination and resilience are remarkable!

Hana Hinrichs

Tulalip Heritage High School

Hana's journey is that of a student cruising through school with moderate success. Then Big Picture Learning arrived at Tulalip Heritage, and she eagerly embraced the opportunity to delve into her passions. She's a trailblazer in the program and takes charge of her own learning.

Hana's enthusiasm for learning and her unwavering dedication to her pursuits are absolutely captivating. She's naturally inquisitive and has discovered the power of self-belief and achievement.

Hana has ventured into various career paths, from psychology to art, and is now pursuing culinary arts. She's preparing to join the Edmonds Community College Culinary Arts program and dreams of launching her own bake shop in the Marysville/Tulalip area. Hana is undeniably a superstar!

Jimmy Faria

Marysville Pilchuck High School

Jimmy has had an outstanding academic journey in the Marysville School District, where his teachers have described him as smart, confident, caring, and hardworking. Not only has he excelled in his studies with a remarkable 3.8 GPA, but he has also been actively involved in representing students at the Board of Directors meetings.

Jimmy's dedication to learning is evident in his pursuit of almost every Advanced Placement and College in the High School class Marysville Pilchuck offers. On top of that, he has showcased his artistic talents as a skilled ceramicist, impressing everyone with his diverse portfolio of pottery.

But that's not all - Jimmy is about to embark on an exciting new chapter as he prepares to complete flight school this summer. He plans to attend Everett Community College in the fall to earn his associate's degree and fulfill his dream of becoming a pilot. The future looks incredibly bright for this talented individual!

Kamerin Karris

Legacy High School

Kamerin's journey at Legacy has been nothing short of remarkable. In 2020, he joined as a freshman, even though he was of sophomore age. His unique circumstances, including being homeschooled by his late mother until her passing, make his story exceptional. Despite starting with no credits, Kamerin has worked tirelessly and is now among the top three students in his class. His resilience and dedication are truly inspiring.

Over the years, Kamerin took extra classes to earn the required credits and excelled in both his tests and classes. His friendly and respectful nature, coupled with unwavering commitment, has earned him well-deserved praise. He never shies away from challenges, and his dedication to his goals is truly commendable.

As Kamerin continues to chart his path, he is actively exploring apprenticeships in various fields. His drive and passion ensure that he will succeed no matter where he chooses to go. The future holds limitless potential for this outstanding individual!

Nikole Shaffer

Legacy High School

Nikole has been a dedicated student at Legacy High School since her freshman year and has achieved an impressive 2nd rank in her class.

She has been honored with the prestigious Marysville Rotary Education Foundation scholarship and consistently excels in her studies.

Despite facing numerous challenges, Nikole has maintained near-perfect attendance and dedicated a significant amount of time to working on the Legacy yearbook.

As she looks ahead to the future, Nikole is considering pursuing higher education as part of her exciting plans.